The students are responsible for most of the innovation process: the idea of ​​the Innovator is developed by a team of five motivated students into a feasible concept in four weeks­­­­­. Students do a five month internship at EU Innvators and are responsible for the development of five different products and / or services.


The team of students is multidisciplinary; each student has his / her own knowledge and expertise in a particular area. In this way, a team’s capablities are bundled to develop the concept in the most optimal way.


Why an internship at EU Innovators?

For many students an internship is a period in which they experience  business for the first time. Upon entering the company, they often get a subordinate role and are unable to fully show their know-how. We believe this should be different. As an intern at EU Innovators you get the chance and opportunity to show what you’re worth. In a team consisting of four other students, you are responsible for the idea of ​​an Innovator. You will be supported by our experts and partners to develop the idea into a viable product and / or service.


We want you!

We are looking for motivated students who want to work in various multidisciplinary teams to develop several ideas into potentially successful products or services.


Are you ambitious, a hard worker, passionate about entrepreneurship and want to be appreciated for your ideas, commitment and teamwork? Sign up now!

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  • Jeroen de Jong

    Human Technology

  • Bart Rinsma

    Communication Systems

  • Arjen Sjollema

    Communication Systems

  • Jouke Sjollema

    Human Technology

  • Nick Jeuring

    Facility Management

  • Roland Vroom

    Human Technology

  • Estelle Mulder

    Communication Systems

  • Martijn Kruse

    Concept & Product Development

  • Jorn Dolstra

    Communication Systems

  • Maaike Ellermann

    Human Technology

  • Kee-Zin Chang

    Communication Systems

  • Simone Jansen

    Concept & Product Development

  • Lisa van Os

    Business economics

  • Matthijs Daling

    Management, Economics & Law