We are always looking for new partners and opportunities in exciting places all around the globe. Our mission and passion is to spread our innovators spirit worldwide. We love sharing knowledge, connecting people and delivering great new products and services. Innovation drives entrepreneurship, which generates economic growth and new jobs. As innovators we can change and sometimes even improve, the world around us. Problem solving, ideation and co-creation through collaboration are our keys to success.


How to start up an Innovators branch

• 2 founders / program managers with actual experience in working as an entrepreneur, combined with innovation and student knowledge.
• A team with 4 professional theme coordinators (multidisciplinary)
• A staff team with 3 – 5 students (multidisciplinary)
• Form a team with 5 professionals (multidisciplinary) and 5 students (multidisciplinary)
• Visit one of our innovators branches and get in touch with the local founders
• Show your team vision and motivation
• Find an innovators hotspot to work, > 5 partners and raise > € 5.000,- to start up


What you will get

• The license to use our brand (customized), the format, the handbook & the workshops
• Your own EU Innovators website
• A defined region for example deinnovators.de/berlin or nlinnovators.nl/brabant
• Coaching to start up and grow
• Access to our global innovators network
• All communication tools (banners, flyers, brochures, business cards)


The EU Innovators franchise essentials;


1. 2 year period
2. A certain city or region
3. Masterfranchise as option for a region or country
4. 2 local franchise partners per city/region
5. The exclusive use of the brand, website, format, handbook and workshops
6. Access to the innovators network
7. The best environment for innovation & entrepreneurship