You have a great idea for a new product or a new service. You are really excited about it, but you still have not executed the idea for various reasons. No time, lack of expertise or no idea where to begin? These are the common reasons most innovations never see daylight. EU Innovators provides the solution.


As an Innovator at EU Innovators you can share your idea, problem or solution. The idea / solution will then be developed in collaboration with five students. The Innovator receives a business plan of the idea which has been developed into a new product or service. EU Innovators will also get the Innovator in contact with investors, suppliers, stakeholders, customers and other interested parties. An Innovator will ofc ourse always remain the owner of the idea.


Have you been been struggeling with a great idea or solution for an annoying problem for ages and you just can’t seem to launch it? Sign up as an Innovator and we will contact you as soon as possible. Let your fantastic idea finally become reality! Your innovative idea will be handled confidentially and with the best care possible, because EU Innovators gets motivated by launching only the best concepts.



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  • A good idea
  • Minimum commitment of two hours per week


  • An inspiring environment
  • Thé method for innovation
  • A dedicated team
  • A network of innovators


  • Marcel van der Pol

  • Sjoerd de Vries

  • Reindert de Vries

  • Ferrick van Dongen

  • Stefan Alfons

  • Wilfred Werkman

  • Marianne Weber

  • Bert Haan

  • Wouter Dijk

  • Roland Wisselink

  • Peter Colijn

  • Harry Fietje

  • Mathijs Niehaus

  • Jaap Stok

  • Fredric Teerling

  • Henk Addens

  • Annelies Leiwakabessy

  • Arnoud van der Heijden