Experts provide the necessary knowledge, vision and contacts to support the students. They work together closely to maintain the highest possible quality of the innovative concepts. A wide variety of Experts are needed with experience in various disciplines such as coaching, process management, training skills and innovation lectures.


Three reasons why you should sign up as an Expert


    • As an Expert you will meet motivated, young students and you can actively participate in the development of new innovative products and services.


    • EU Innovators gives you a fantastic opportunity to expand your professional network. During various business meetings you will meet other experts, innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, organizations and governments.


    • You will gain more knowledge about the innovation process and enter an energetic and inspiring work environment. Moreover you will be able to apply your own knowledge and expertise effectively, receiving a lot of appreciation in return.


What do we expect from you?

As an expert, you can contribute in a lot of different ways. Giving workshops, answering questions at the weekly meetings or supporting the teams and their innovations. It is all up to you: you decide in which way and how much you are going to support EU Innovators.


How can I sign up?

If you would like to sign up as an expert, you can fill in the form down below. We will contact you within two business days to finalize your registration!

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Why do you want to join EU Innovators?

Explain why you are the expert who can strengthen our innovation teams.


  • Your expertise and knowledge
  • Your network
  • Your energy
  • At least two hours per week


  • Knowledge (about innovation)
  • An even larger network
  • Energetic work environment


  • Aukje Adams

    Owner Working Service

  • Greald Henstra

    Engineer design & innovation

  • Mathijs Niehaus

    Social innovator

  • Jan Veldman

    Owner MaXX Support

  • Enno Meines

    Owner Ennovatief

  • Henriette Heijne


  • Maarten Urbach

    Sales Management

  • Boudewijn Oostendorp

    Medical Device Engineer

  • André Swart

    Organization Coach

  • Redmar Feenstra

    Redzadelic Motion Graphics, & Explainimation

  • Aldo van Duivenboden

    Business Coach & Changemanager

  • Joeri Achterberg

    Managing Consultant

  • Michiel Kostermans

    Implementation Manager

  • Barbera Venema

    Owner Wadd'ntas

  • Hellen van Lienden

    Sales, Marketing, Manager; Inspirator

  • Raymond Hendriks

    Trainer/Facilitator Serious Play

  • Willeke Vrieling

    Innovation coach

  • Lucienne Scholten

    Trainer/Coach Business Flirting

  • Emile Oude Wolbers

    Life Design Architect

  • Nicole van der Ouw

    Human Changemanagement

  • Chris Kloosterman

    Creative Director

  • Enno Wolthuis

    Co-owner Studio Ruw

  • Lolle Wijnja

    Interaction Bastard

  • Marjolein Oosterheerd


  • Jacques van der Noord

    Social Entrepeneur

  • Henk de Graaf

    Brainstorm consultant

  • Hein van de Water

    Glass developer

  • Sven Olav Thieme

    Director / Founder

  • Okke-Jorn van der Meulen

    Business Model Innovation

  • Henriëtte Veenstra

    Co-owner Onderneem't

  • Edwin Kruis

    Managing Director

  • Niels van Sint Maartensdijk

    Online Marketeer

  • Fredric Teerling

    Sales Leader Executive Coach

  • Johan Stuiver

    Senior Managing Consultant

  • Johan de Kleine

    Advisor / Trainer / Coach

  • Abdul Advany

    Digitale Co-creation

  • Ferry van der Kwaak


  • Cees van Wieringen