EU Innovators brings entrepreneurs, students, experts and companies together to accelerate the development of new products and services.


We work for entrepreneurs, freelancers and student entrepreneurs to realise their great ideas. These ideas will be developed by a multidisciplinary team of five students in just four weeks. These students are supported by experts to assure the quality of the deliverables.


When these four weeks have passed, the idea has been developed into an extensive and solid business plan and will be presented to the Innovator. During the whole proces, the Innovator will always be the owner of the idea. After this period of four weeks, we will bring the Innovator in contact with potential investors, stakeholders, customers and/or suppliers.


Intensive collaboration

EU Innovators takes care of the whole proces – from the idea generation until the succesful launch of a product or service. Our main priority is to facilitate great and intensive collaboration between students, experts and partners.


Added value

The added value of EU Innovators is providing a team of multidisciplinary students and experts, creativity and a standardized process. EU Innovators also provides new contacts with partners to implement the new products and services.




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Program managers

  • Martijn Huis

    Managing Director Europe

  • Fenny Lucker

    Liaison Officer Education Europe

  • Herman Meines

    Liaison Officer Europe

  • Mathijs Niehaus

    Liaison Officer Europe

  • Sabine Mueller

    Advisor entrepreneurial learning

  • Arjan Yspeert

    Advisor European corporate relations

  • Rob de Graaf

    Advisor European corporate relations

  • Nick Stevens

    Advisor European corporate relations

  • Iztok Petek

    Advisor European corporate relations